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My Big-Rounded-Eyes Princess

To the whole world you might just be one person, but to one person you might just be the whole world. ~ Joseph Campbell

There's a first time for everything. This was the first for her, first ever photo shoot of my pretty little niece... Boo Ten-Ten. (Well I mean an official photo shoot, with photographer and other photography stuff, lighting, etc) The photo shoot was initiated by my momma (Ten's Grandma) who is very into documenting Boo Ten-Ten's growing up years! Mom keeps clothes tag, gift cards even hotel receipt (first ever stay in Holiday Inn) and lotsa' lots of photos! I remember Boo Ten's first year, we collected hundreds of photos, which we took starting the day she was born. So you can imagine how many photo albums and picture frames we have, solely for my charming niece!


Although hesitant at first, she was quite eager to pose for the camera. She was also very quick to get bored! Uuurrgghh! I've been Boo Ten's personal assistant that day. I carried her clothes (sponsored by her Ninong Gavin all the way from Chicago), and her toys. Been carrying all her stuff actually including herself! (so much of a "Ya-Yey" *yaya* ) I was her hair stylist, make-up artist and director, uhmm as you can see I'm a lover of simplicity! hahaha!

Mom and me was all hyped and excited for her. She had been cooperative. There are little flaws along the way but nothing that we can not manage. I'll give it to my niece, she's a baby anyway! But over-all we've came out with the best.






With all that said, I do love the pictures of my big-rounded-eyes! Our little pretty charming princess. Her cute antics, smiling eyes and looks so much like me (comments from madlang people, ahehehe!) makes her soo irresistible. I could look at her smile all day. The tantrums I can do without! :D

I'm just one proud Tati who's super in love with my niece!

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Finally Meeting Olsen Racela

A dream come true...


"I was still grateful to Olsen Racela, always would be, though I didn’t know it then. For being there when no one else was; for giving voice to feelings in me that had barely been born; for helping me grow up, which is so very, very hard to do. For giving me a boy to love, a boy who could never hurt me; although only because he could never love me back."

Qouted from Allison Pearson Novel, I think I love you. However I change David's name to Olsen instead. Hihihihi! *winks*

A little back story...

This is all about adoring Rodericko Olsen Racela so if you're a close friend you're probably fed up with this. LOL All right so in the beginning it was a typical basketball-fan-idol situation. He plays awesomely good with my PBA favorite team and I'm just one heck of an adoring fan. Backstreet Boys, West life and even Patrick Garcia aren't included in my boy list. I didn't adore anyone else except The Captain. I'm not really sure what about him made me single him out, but I grew very quickly fixated.

At this point, I saw how easy for other fans got to have meet and greet or just even asking for an autograph and jersey of their basketball idol by writing into this PBA fan mail. With this view of how easy my pen and paper will bring me to Olsen, I end up doing what the other fanatics do. It might have worked to others fans, or at least led to something rewarding in a way however real life, of course, works differently. When you're 12 years old and don't have money of your own, and you only have limited options and especially when you're competing with the million fans nationwide... oohh yes! Do I need to say it more?! After 2 or 3 letters, i gave up!

Although I am disappointed and gave up easily on my quest of this PBA-fan-mail, that didn't stop me to watch his games and cheer my heart out as if I was in Araneta Coliseum. The boob tube is the sole connection I have to this man! I always loose my temper when I hear someone bad-mouthing Olsen, regardless if they mean it or just to irritate me. Once in awhile if i have enough money, i would buy Sports Magazine especially if it features San Miguel and of course Olsen. While my elder sister have Nick Carter all over his room wall, Olsen Racela dominates mine.

Then college happened...

It was always a dream to cheer for this man and his team live at Araneta Coliseum. Flying out from my parents hub and living on my own in the metro to get my degree, I was forced to be mature a notch higher and tried to focus on my studies. So even Araneta Coliseum is one jeepney ride from my dormitory, my-Olsen-craze needs to be set aside for the mean time. Yes, Olsen and I part ways on that instance. I haven't heard anything about him, since boob tube is not allowed in our dormitory.Unfortunately boys in college are not that fond of PBA compare to boys in secondary schooling (college boys are computer geeks in my course).

Fast Forward.

Eight Years.


Got my degree and currently working as RA in one of the prominent hotel chain worldwide. I was checking on my facebook account when boy-or-man from secondary schooling posted something on my wall, taunting me how Purefoods or was that B-Meg already?! beat Olsen Racela and his team. At first I ranted how uncool this guy was, he hasn't moved on with this basketball craze which I already considered part of my childhood years, my past.

The taunt in a way succeeded, the rant of how-uncool-guy-and-hasn't-moved-on is actually a pretentious facade but the truth is i hate the guy for saying stuff, like our team is a no match compared to theirs. On that note I realized once a basketball fan always a basketball fan. There's no way I can recover from this Olsen-and-San-Miguel-craze. Well, I think my Dad hasn't recover the same, every time Brgy. Ginebra looses, expect a grumpy dad at home. Like father, like daughter huh?! LOL

Back on the game...

So that's how I get back on the game, It was against Barangay Ginebra that time, battling for the second slot to advance to finals and hopefully bag the win for 2011 PBA Philippines Crown Cup. Never did i doubt that SMB will beat the hell out off the Barangay Ginebra, oohh Yes I'm that confident! Confident that I need to face my grumpy pops each time of this best of three series! LOL

Finals on the roll...

Game One
San Miguel vs Talk and Text
January 22, 2011 at Negros Occidental
91-82 Talk and Text FTW

Unfortunately, SMB failed to match TNT's intensity late in Game 1 but that didn't saddened me even for a bit. What shocked me that day was a tweet from his team mate Don-Don Hontiveros saying that they will give this championship to their captain. This is the last conference for the captain before he retires. :(

I informed my friends that we will watch a PBA live game (take note! informed, they HAVE TO come with me with this one :D) my first and last to see the captain playing on the hard court. I have been feeling excited, anxious, nervous, relieved and sad all at once.

Game Two
San Miguel vs Talk and Text
January 26, 2011 at Cuneta Astrodome

Antagonists go for a 2-0 advantage against my lovies as they clash in Game 2. We we're supposed to watch game 2 live, however our number 1 problem is... where the hell is Cuneta Astrodome?! jeez! 10 years in the Metro and i haven't explore the city much, Makati, Sta.Mesa and Boni Edsa are my forte, other than that consider me a child with authism.

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