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Here, There and Everywhere

Now you see me... Now you don't...



As I stumble on one of millions of blogs that was created here on planet Earth, (as if there are bloggers out there in the outer space?! CHAROT!), i automatically fancied the template because it's cute and easy to navigate. Add to that the witty entries of the blogger. He's gay and full of jokes embedded in his flesh! Here's his/her/IT site... call center confidential

Oooohhh... I forgot to add that I'm currently at the office, specifically at my post when I saw his/her/IT site. As you know office internet access is full of numerous blocked and restricted sites, sites that can affect the productivity of employees such as Facebook, Twitter and ... (INSERT OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES, BOO!). On that note, I'm one of the crowd that suffers the suppression of social growth here in the company, CHAROT! But... But... Another but... Due to creative minds uhhmmm or if I may say persistence of wrong doings, we (take note WE! and dropping names is prohibited), didn't stop to check on sites that haven't blocked yet!

Eureka TravellersPoint.com!

The undiscovered treasure!

The Virgin Island!

Hahaha!! Now I have the freedom to blog anytime, take note! Anytime, even at the office. However being vigilant is a must!

  • *Parting Words**

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